Thank You

Rob-Portrait351“A wealth of knowledge … something for everyone with an interest in woodworking!” Those were just some of the comments that were used to describe this eZine as we were awarded the Gold Award from the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association for the Best E-Newsletter during their Publishing Excellence Awards banquet this month. It is, of course, gratifying for our peers to have recognized the eZine for its quality. That goes without saying. But what should be said regularly is a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you, our readers, because without you, there would not be an eZine. I would also like to pause for a moment and acknowledge my eZine staff and say thank you to these people, who actually do the work which makes this effort possible. Senior editor Joanna Werch Takes is the key editorial person behind these biweekly missives. In many ways, the eZine has become her “baby,” and you all have benefited greatly from her oversight of this work. Field editor Chris Marshall is our go-to guy for many aspects of the eZine. In the last year or so, his Internet contributions have increased, to the benefit of the eZine as a whole. And finally, there is Internet production coordinator Matt Becker — he is our tech guru, the guy who makes the zeros and ones sail across the ether and deliver each issue to your computer. (It seems a bit like magic to me.) So, now that your peek behind the curtain is complete, why don’t you go ahead and get to reading the eZine that all this hubbub is about! Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal.

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