Thanks, and Thanks Again!

Rob-Portrait351Our new online survey group is up and running: and how!

I don’t know why I was even a bit surprised, but your response was extraordinary. More eZine folks than I ever expected signed up to express their opinions on woodworking and its related topics. (When I think of it, why I thought some of you would hesitate to share your opinions … on anything … is beyond me.)

On a completely unrelated topic, I am under the woodworking project gun once more. I have a cabinet and an arched molding to build before my 25th wedding anniversary in November. (Fortunately, it is the 24th of November … right at the end of the month.) Neither task is overwhelming, but I see a potential conflict between time spent bird hunting (my favorite fall activity) and woodworking. And this brings me to a curious point: for some reason, my wife has expressed significant interest in my woodworking production while remaining nearly mum on my future hunting success. Life remains a cipher.

I’ll keep you posted.


— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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