Thanks for the (Today’s Woodworker) Memories

Thanks for the (Today’s Woodworker) Memories

Our first reader response to last week’s eZine was an answer to Rob’s editorial, where he spoke about having the entire collection of Today’s Woodworker magazine now available on CD. – Editor

“Thank you making the CD of Today’s Woodworker available to us. I am loving it. ASK for the raise. Thank all of you and your staff for the work you put into the Woodworker’s Journal. It is one of the few magazines that I keep. Great work.” – Roy Dille-Hayes

Routing Teak: the Baby Soft Method

Another reader shared his experience when routing teak — which was causing problems for one of the questioners in last issue’s Q&A department. – Editor

“Just a note concerning the teak routing. When I have had my router meeting resistance, I have found that a bit of talc (baby powder) makes the router slide very freely. I believe that the woodworker with the teak problem could sprinkle baby powder on his router table with no ill effects and likely will have a much easier time and less resistance.” – John F.

Square Cuts on a Jigsaw

And someone else shared his experience with getting square cuts from a jigsaw – another Q&A topic. – Editor

“I have found the biggest factor causing non-square cuts with a jigsaw to be the poor technique of applying lateral pressure on the saw. Any force not perfectly in line with the cut will cause the blade to bend.” – Oscar Cupant

Glue and Chemistry

And we also received some feedback on the Feedback section in Issue 303. In that department, Franklin International senior technical specialist Bob Behnke gave some of the technical reasons behind whether to leave CA glue caps on or off (Bob puts them on). – Editor

“Really liked to see a true chemist telling what the glue does, although I don’t consider an electron to be a free radical. I store my CA and urethane glues over a desiccant, CaCarbonate or silica gel at shop temperature. Works well. Avoid the fridge unless prepared to wait for the glue to warm up before use.”

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