These New Tools Rule!

These New Tools Rule!

Last week, Rob asked for your opinions about tool developments in recent years that have raised the bar on how we work with wood. Several of you share! – Editor

“Not so new, but new to me! I bought a Festool Domino machine. Just learning it, but happy I bought it. I’m just a tool-lover too and a loyal subject to the Tool God (Devil?). If it’s tools, it’s not hoarding!” – Doyle Moeller

“I believe it’s my Shaper Origin. I no longer make router templates to do much of my pattern routing. But moreover, I find I turn to it now for stuff that I might have used my bandsaw for, or other similar tasks. I don’t have all the Origin’s accessories, so I’m still doing most of my mortises and tenons with the usual tools, but I’ve found ever more creative ways to work because of it. It’s a crazy-useful tool. When I first heard of it, it was a Kickstarter thing. Then, all I could say was, that ain’t never gonna work! But now that I own one, all I can say is, you gotta get one of these!” – Steve Kendall

“IMHO, the two most game-changing tools in the last five or so years have been the track saw and the HEPA-filtered dust extractor. I’m looking forward to you revealing the game-changing tool you recently discovered.” – Jeffrey Feldman

“Pocket-hole joinery has changed the way I assemble my cabinets and face frames. I always used dowels and/or mortise-and-tenons for face frames. For cabinets, I used tenons on the cabinet sides with a matching plow on the inside of the face frames. Now, it’s some glue and pocket holes with just a butt joint. This is just as strong and much faster.” – Tom Smith

“In my humble opinion, the biggest woodworking innovation in the woodworking craft in recent history has been the track saw. Hands down!” – Frank Bator

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