Your Thoughts on the New

Your Thoughts on the New

In the last issue of the eZine, Rob’s editorial announced the official launch of the new Woodworker’s Journal website (which is why your eZine looks slightly different than it did in “the old days”…also known as a few weeks ago). As expected, we heard feedback on the new site. – Editor

“OK, very nicely done. I spent nearly an hour and visited most of the items. The first thing one notices is now the type is of a size that I no longer have to do a zoom on the page; good for older eyes. It all seems to work, it just took a while to figure it all out and then I cruised through. Again, thanks, it’s great!” – Bob Hoyle

“New website looks great! Very crisp, clean and easy to navigate. Great job as always!” – Donald Owen

“The new format sure looks nicer and not as cluttered. It doesn’t seem as user-friendly to me, though. The old format was nice as you could go to a section such as Feedback, Q&A, etc. and read all the items. This issue requires clicking the back button after every piece of the article to have to click on the next item. Definitely like the larger type on it. Just thought I would share some thoughts. Thanks for the great magazine and eZine.” – Mike Grawvunder

“So you may be giddy about the new layout, but I find it cumbersome and requiring a significant amount of time to go through all of the departments. It will not discourage me from reading it through, but I guess change is inevitable.” – Rusty Aurand

“Yea, this looks good and (unlike some other upgraded sights) is still working OK with the old XP software.  (Yea I know, but when you’re retired, $1000 for a new computer that would do all this one can is just not in the cards). Nice work.” – Dan R

“I do not like having to click on each trick to see the content. The old site was much better – go to a single page, be able to read the tricks quickly.” – Roman Hammes

“NICE WORK! The new website has been well done: Navigation, graphics, layout, content—it is all GREAT!” – Bob Schaffer

“Thank you and all that contributed to the construction of the new eZINE web page. I think it’s great. The photos make it more interesting and the articles on Quick Clean-Up and Positioning Your Outlets were helpful. (Who would have thought about salad oil and dish detergent? Oh well, we learn something new every day.) Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the eZINE web page for a number of years. Thank you for making it available.” – William Evans

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