Woodworkers’ Reactions to Thoughts on Romance

Woodworkers’ Reactions to Thoughts on Romance

This week, readers react to Rob’s editorial rating woodworkers as romantics. – Editor

“Your delightful conclusion that marriage can be enhanced by marrying a woodworker brought back fond memories of my parents. My mother told my sister the same thing.  My dad was a very skilled woodworker.  My mother admired his patience on long projects, his carefully developed skills, and his ability to recover from a mistake without cuss words or frustration. [And] My wife agrees with your philosophy. We have been married for 46 years, and after a while she took up woodworking.  My only problem with that is that she sometimes outshines my work. Every time she does that, I thoroughly enjoy it.  After all, she learned her
woodworking from me.” – Ken Stephens

“Maybe the reason we come out so favorably is that woodworkers pick out a plan, work on it to make it as perfect as they can, and follow it to completion.” – Lee Ohmart

“I have been married to my dear wife for almost 43 years and believe a large part of your science relates to the distance between the workshop and the wife’s domain.” – Mike Stroub

“Sorry to mess up your low divorce rate, but I’ve been there twice. However, my second ex loved me and my work while it lasted, and my girlfriend even more so. And, I guess Megan Mulally thinks woodworkers are sexy, too.” – Barry Saltsberg

“Of course we stay married because we can’t bear the thought of losing half
of our tools.” – Donald Warner

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