Thriftee Woodworker’s Bake-A-Biskits

Thriftee Woodworker’s Bake-A-Biskits

These days, each penny pinched is a penny closer to that new 220-volt whatjamajigger you’ve got your eye on. The good folks at Thriftee Woodworker know exactly where you’re coming from, brothers and sisters! They’re now offering the very essence of frugality in a box: a powdered formula to finally! bake your own biscuit joiner biscuits. This way, there’s no need to buy pre-made wood biscuits anymore … and definitely not in three different sizes! What muckety muck marketing analyst ever came up with that crazy idea?! Wasteful.

Instead, with Bake-A-Biskits, you mix up a batch, roll ’em out like the biscuits mom used to make for Sunday dinner, and cut them to shape with the included and re-useable template. Pop them in the oven and, “the longer you bake ’em, the smaller you make ’em,” just like the box says. The secret is in the proprietary blend of high-gluten, fiber-enriched baking flour, at least eleven herbs and spices and a healthy dollop of sawdust and shavings for binder. In no time, you’ll have piping hot biscuits ready for your next joinery project.

To make #20s, bake them for an hour or so. Number 10s take three hours to shrink down right, and #0s will be pint-sized by suppertime. Speaking of which, Bake-A-Biskits are edible … mostly. Make more than you need, and keep them on hand for a convenient–and tasty!–shop snack.* Bake-A-Biskit 2With Bake-A-Biskits, you’ll have biscuits for pennies a pound, plus the cleanest colon you’ve ever had. What more could a woodworker ask for? Find Bake-A-Biskit mix in 2 lb. boxes wherever fine woodworking products are sold.

(* Except in the State of California where they’ve been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. For heaven sakes, don’t eat them there.)

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