Tim-bur App: Never Clamp Alone Again

Tim-bur App: Never Clamp Alone Again

The prayers of woodworkers who’ve been waiting for their own social networking app have been answered. Tim-bur is the first woodworkers-only dating app that broadcasts woodworkers’ personality profiles, projects and tool inventories to help them find the match (or extra set of hands) of their dreams.


To show you like somebody (or just like their workshop), just push their picture through to the right. Don’t want anything to do with them? Cut them off to the left into the scrap pile. With Tim-bur, you’ll never clamp alone again.


Here’s a sample question from the Tim-bur application process:

What characteristics would you like in a mate? Check the boxes that apply:

Able to move a full sheet of plywood single-handedly.

Loves to hand sand wood for hours on end.

Can sharpen any type of saw blade by hand.

Enjoys cleaning dust collection systems.

Can open a paint can with bare hands.

Smiles at the thought of fetching clamps.

Lives to clean the shop.

*Tim-bur guarantees nothing. You will be lucky if you can get a match on any one of the above, but dreams keep us alive.

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