Tips on Tools

Tips on Tools

Woodworkers who read eZine Issue 289 had more tips to share about the craft-your-own crevice tool in the Tricks of the Trade section. – Editor

“Just a comment on the crevice tool in the Tricks of the Trade section. Assuming a 1.5″ original hose and reducing that to .5″ would put 9 times more load on the vacuum motor just based off the flow restriction, and not counting that smaller ID inherently would have even more restriction because of greater friction on the tube walls. A vent should be incorporated somewhere upstream to reduce the motor load but maintain proper airflow. Airflow is more important than vacuum when considering cleaning ability.” – Larry Giust

There were also a few more hints about how to go about cleaning up hand tools. – Editor

“I usually go for the “old-fashioned” Naval Jelly.” – Labonk

“I use Goop® to clean my rusty tools.” – Vfreeck

“Try [Boeshield] T-9®: two parts, a rust ‘remover’ and a rust ‘preventer.'” – Hoosier2

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