Tormek T-8 Wet Grinder Sharpening System

Tormek T-8 Wet Grinder Sharpening System

Coming this month to select woodworking and online retailers, Tormek is launching its new T-8 Wet Grinder Sharpening System, with several updated features. Building on the company’s past platform, this new wet/dry sharpener has a constant-speed motor that spins Tormek’s 10-in. x 2-in. grindstone and 8-3/4-in. x 1-1/4-in. genuine leather honing wheel at 90 rpm, even under full load. The slow speed, plus an integral water trough, enables the grindstone to sharpen all qualities of steel including high-speed steel tools.

But new on the T-8, Tormek has upgraded its mounting system for the machine’s universal tool support. Previously, the sleeves were mounted as a separate piece with screws on the sharpener’s housing, but now they are incorporated into the T-8’s full casting. The design change, which eliminates unwanted play, improves sharpening control when using the support in tandem with Tormek’s various sharpening jigs, while increasing sharpening accuracy.


Its plastic water trough also has been modified with a screw lift for easier fitting and a magnetic scraper for more efficient cleaning.

The T-8 includes Tormek’s updated SE-77 Square Edge Jig: it enables you to sharpen square-edges on chisels, plane irons and turning scrapers, but you can also perfect slightly out-of-square blades or even create cambered cutting edges on your tools. A moveable slide and new adjustment screws make this added versatility possible.

Other standard items that come with the T-8 include a TT-50 Truing Tool, SP-650 Stone Grader, WM-200 AngleMaster and a tube of PA-70 Honing Compound, plus a user’s handbook and instructional DVD.

Tormek’s new T-8 Wet Grinder Sharpening System will sell for $699.99. It’s backed by a 7-year warranty.


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