Toy Train Table

Toy Train Table

This is a “Train Table” custom built for a little Brio Train Set. It measures 48″ X 51″. I made it out of Birch Plywood and trimmed it out with 1-1/2″ maple. The two big drawers are set on ball casters. The drawers measure 23-7/8″ by 36″ X 12″ deep. This gives plenty of storage for train accessories and other toys.

The top is covered in green felt and the entire thing sets in dadoes all around. Then, to further strengthen it I braced the top with 2X2s, half-lapped, all around and across the middle.

The Choo Choo on the front with the child’s name on it is made out of walnut. The finish on all of it is tung oil with three coats of polyurethane over it.

– Jimmy Harbour

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