Tracking the Track Saw

As a woodworking magazine dude, I have some serious advantages in the world of tools. I often get to try out new stuff that other people would have to buy in order to give it a spin. (In case you are feeling jealous, we usually have to send the tools back — a sad end when you really like a tool.)

One result of this odd job of mine is that I sometimes am out of step with how real folks roll when it comes to a specific tool. So here is my question: have track saws made a big impact with woodworkers?

I happen to own a track saw and have just about worn it out. But, to be frank, until I tried one, I did not really understand what the big deal about them was.

So what about you? Track saw or no? Interested or not?

And no, you can’t borrow mine; it’s busy this weekend!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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