Trend Airshield: Come over to the Dust-Free Side!

Trend Airshield: Come over to the Dust-Free Side!

Controlling dust is an import task for a woodworker. And while new tools are so much better when comes to collecting dust at the point of origin, you still need to protect your lungs from that bit which escapes.

Trend’s new Airshield not only protects you from flying objects (chunks of wood, bits of saw blades or broken router bits) with its polycarbonate flip-up visor, but its battery powered air filtration system protects your lungs as well. (A coarse pre-filter teamed with a fine particle second stage filter makes up this system.)

It is lightweight and quiet and remarkably comfortable. (I tried it while typing at my computer & I got some weird looks, but I felt totally safe.) The rechargeable battery is compact and lasts about four hours & as long as I want to be sanding or otherwise making sawdust!

Trend is new to this country, but they are a well-established brand in the UK. Look for them to make a bigger and bigger splash on this side of the pond as time goes on. For now, check out the Airshield ($249) at

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