Triton Takes the Plunge with a Cordless Plunge Drill

Triton Takes the Plunge with a Cordless Plunge Drill

The image we have of Australians is that they’re a bit cocksure of themselves, a bit wacky, not afraid of experimentation and that seems to be confirmed in what they’ve come up with as the newest tool from Triton. Plunge routers: old-hat in our accelerated world. A plunge drill? Now that’s something new.

It’s so new, in fact, that they were still perfecting the last little bits at press time. The drill won’t be available to go under your Christmas trees this winter…unless, perhaps, you celebrate the Orthodox Christmas date, since that falls in January. Available the first month of 2005, the plunge drill will be ready and waiting to be purchased with your income tax refund.

What’s so exciting about it? The 18-volt cordless drill, unlike any other version in the world, has a telescopic plunge mechanism. Fully retractable, the plunge base attachment guarantees perpendicular drilling. A multi-function plunge base attachment lets you drill square, rectangular and round sections (such as dowels, for example).This drill yes, drill also comes with an adjustable fence for repetitive drilling and equal positioning from an edge. You can still use it as a conventional drill, too: just lock the plunge apparatus out of the way.

Other factors you’ll want to know about the drill are that it has a 1/2″ keyless Jacobs chuck, a 24-setting torque clutch, adjustable depth stop and a reversing variable speed trigger with electronic brake. It also has an LED worklight, an onboard storage tray, and a two-speed metal gearbox with auto-shaft lock.

The Cordless Plunge Drill has a suggested retail price of $289 and you’ll be able to find out all about its availability if you keep watching, the company’s newly updated web site.

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