Two Rockler Dust Right® Solutions

Two Rockler Dust Right® Solutions

Two new accessories from Rockler’s Dust Right® family can help make it easier to manage or expand your current dust collection system.

First, the Dust Right Vacuum Harness enables a portable dust separator and a shop vacuum to be tethered together into a single unit. It consists of a central support bracket with straps on either side that wrap around both your vacuum and the Dust Right® Dust Separator (item 45556, sold separately). Once secured together, you can roll the entire vac/separator combo around with far less chance of tipping, catching on obstacles, or tangling or detaching the various hoses.

Two 30-in. adjustable nylon straps are long enough to accommodate most shop vacuums, and their quick-release buckles let you detach the separator or vacuum for easier emptying. The straps fit into slots on the bracket, making them height adjustable as well, so you can determine where the straps will wrap best. Four no-mar feet on the bracket can also be adjusted to suit the specific contours of your vacuum. And, 3/4-in. holes on top of the bracket let you add dowels for shop-made accessories.

The Dust Right Vacuum Harness (item 53212) sells for $29.99.

If you’ve tried to build a dust collection ductwork system from Schedule 40 PVC pipe, it can be difficult to find fittings to adapt the pipe to 4-in. dust collector hoses. Not anymore when you use Rockler’s Dust Right Schedule 40 PVC to 4-in. Hose Adapter. It combines a flexible rubber boot on one end, to fit over a Schedule 40 pipe, and a hard plastic end to fit inside a standard 4-in. flexible dust hose. This transition fitting comes with a clamp to secure the hose to it.

Rockler’s Dust Right Schedule 40 PVC to 4-in. Hose Adapter (item 56472) is available now for $14.99.

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