Universal Tool Trolley Precision Cutting System: Moving Your Tools to Better Cuts

Universal Tool Trolley Precision Cutting System: Moving Your Tools to Better Cuts

Tool Trolley LLC has moved to transport circular saws and routers into a new cutting system with greater control, accuracy and safety.

Replacing their earlier Circular Saw Trolley and Converter Router Trolley is the Universal Tool Trolley (UTT). It allows woodworkers to bring their tools to the workpiece, instead of the workpiece to the tool.


Power tools like circular saws and routers can be mounted directly on the trolley carriage to get full carriage support and depth-of-cut capability from the UTT. Or, you can mount the tools to adjustable plates that then attach to the Trolley. The plates have pre-drilled mounting holes for many popular circular saw or router models. Elongated slots on the plates enable you to reposition the tool on the workpiece without moving the rails.

Duplex extruded aluminum rails on the UTT are strong – less than .030-inch deflection over a 100-inch spread with 10 pounds of force applied at the rail’s center – even without the addition of rail stabilizers, which reduce the flex response further. The Duplex rails, however, remain lightweight and portable. They are three inches wide and 5/8-inches high and come in both 30-inch and 50-inch lengths.

These Duplex rails are extendable for any length cut; they function either as a guide rail on which the UTT carriage tracks or, in pairs, as a track for a sliding carriage or sled in a panel saw or bench saw sliding table configuration.

A Slidable Rail Clamp attaches to workpieces up to 2-1/2″ thick and to walls, floors, fences, decks and more. It uses a set of perpendicular L-bolts, which allow the release of the rail while the clamp remains attached to the workpiece: the rail can slide through the clamp for an extended cut.

The Universal Tool Trolley Precision Cutting System, when placed on a small platform fixture called a “shuttle,” can cut mortise and tenon joints, raised panels, sliding dovetails, miters, dadoes, rabbets and tongue and groove joints.

The Universal Tool Trolley Precision Cutting System, which is made in the U.S. and patent pending, is sold in several configurations. The base system, which includes the trolley, two 50″ rails and a pair of rail clamps, sells for $139.95. You can buy the system plus either the circular saw mounting plate or router mounting plate for $189.95, or get both plates for $249.95. Individual components of the system, as well as other accessories, rails and project plans are also available. To learn more about the Universal Tool Trolley Precision Cutting System, visit http://www.tooltrolley.com.

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