Users Respond to Questions

Users Respond to Questions

Sheet Goods Tilter

You might send this web page to the person with the shoulder injury that needed help lifting his sheet goods to the panel saw. It will give him a visual idea of what Michael Dresdner was talking about. Stores like Home Depot often rent this type of equipment to people.

I have a design based on the fifty gallon barrel tilt with some modifications.

A sheetrock jack, usually available in tool rental stores or at construction sites, is the perfect place to look at, and then adapt, the tilting mechanism described by Michael Dresdner for use with sheet goods in a small shop.

90 Degree Drilling

When I read the question on drilling a 90 degree hole on a drill press, I immediately thought of my work making wood pens. A hole must be drilled through the end grain of a 1/2″ X 1/2″ piece of wood. I cut a slot 1/2″ wide and about 3/8″ deep in a piece of scrap wood. I use my table saw, and miter gauge. I then place the pen stock into the slot and secure it in a vise locked onto the drill press table. This allows the hole to be drilled through the end grain without the drill or wood moving.

Arc vs. Arch

With many arches in homes being non-load-bearing and largely ornamental, they often don’t follow the technical definition of an arc. They tend to be a form of parabola. I think there are some sites that will show the reader how to draw a parabola of the height and length they want, and the results may be more pleasing than a simple arch or arc.

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