Valentine’s Day: A Woodworker’s Gift-giving Occasion?

This week sees the celebration of Valentine’s Day. (And Galentine’s Day. In case you, like Rob, are not hip to this new-ish holiday created through an episode of the TV series Parks and Recreation, it’s a day when women celebrate friendship with their gal friends. Kind of like “book group,” but with a catchier name and a specific, once-a-year date.)

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration of love. And it happens to come not quite two short months after Christmas, another time when people traditionally show their appreciation for their loved ones. For woodworkers, that often means making gifts in the shop. It seems, however, that shop-made gifts with a specific deadline can be a bit of an issue, if everything you’ve told us over the years about your challenges in getting things done in time for Christmas is any indication.

Which leads me to wonder: do you give your loved ones gifts from the shop for Valentine’s Day? And are they specifically made with that in mind or, just maybe, are these “Valentine’s Day” gifts something that was originally intended to be gifted in December?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

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