Veneer, My Dear

Rob PortraitRecently, while putting a small piece of mahogany veneer on my almost 100-year old baby grand piano (a piece about 2-inches square had come off an edge and somehow disappeared), I was once again struck by the versatility that veneering offers to woodworkers. (This piano, made in upstate New York no later than 1920, still looks like a million dollars.) And yet, it is my impression that many woodworkers avoid using veneer in their projects.

First, I wonder if my impression is true — do most woodworkers stay away from this “wonder product”? And second, if they don’t like veneering, what is the real reason?

And that, eZine faithful, is where you come in. Do you avoid veneer like a disease? Do you take advantage of the exceptional figure, species variety and flexibility that veneer offers in your work? Are you somewhere in between? Only you can answer.

And, of course, we will share as many of your answers as is practical.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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