Video Watchers; Hard Hickory

Video Watchers; Hard Hickory

Video Watchers

In last issue’s editorial, Rob spoke of the new videos page on our website, and some avid watchers – both of videos and of spelling and grammar – responded. – Editor

“Putting all the videos in one place, it’s just logical, and fabulous. Keep up the good work.” – E. J. Moomey

“I would like to see a video on inlaying various materials (turquoise, silver, etc.) into wood. This technique can turn an ‘ordinary’ bowl or whatever into an extraordinary piece of artwork.” – Herb Fellows

“You may be a woodworker first and a journalist second, which probably excuses you, but for the avoidance of doubt and for future reference, media is a Latin neuter nominative plural (which makes ‘a media’ impossible). Medium is the singular. So “a medium” is the correct form.” – Peter R. J. Leach

Hickory is Hard

Also in the last issue, both our WebSurfer’s Review and our Today’s Woodworker departments contained mentions of how hard hickory wood is to work with. We received this comment from a reader. – Editor

“Had a few thousand square feet of hickory that I wanted to use as shop flooring. Tried planing with a standard cutterhead. The tearout made the boards totally unusable. Tried all the tricks: skewing the boards, wetting the first, minuscule depth of cut, etc. Nothing worked. Bought a [Byrd] SHELIX® head for my planer and, with that, the results were usable for shop flooring. Would not have been good enough for fine flooring. Tough stuff to work with.” – B.D.

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