Wagner FURNO Heat Guns

Wagner FURNO™ Heat Guns

Wagner Spray Tech has just launched four new heat gun models: FURNO™ 300, FURNO™ 500, FURNO™ 700 and FURNO™ 750. With updated, easy-to-read interfaces and precise temperature settings, Wagner says these heat guns offer the broadest temperature range available among heat guns, including the hottest (1300°F) offered by its FURNO 700 and 750 models. They also provide new safety features and improved ergonomics for better balance and comfort.

Heat guns can serve a broad range of uses around the home and shop. Among them, they can remove old paint or floor coverings, defrost frozen pipes, bend plastic pipes and help speed up the drying time of fillers and new paint coatings. They serve automotive applications, such as removing stickers or emblems, fixing small dents or restoring plastic trim. A heat gun also can come in handy for waxing skis and snowboards, or in craft applications for melting wax, shrinkwrapping and embossing.

To make these sorts of tasks easier and safer, Wagner’s FURNO heat guns have side supports to prevent the hot nozzle from touching surfaces when set down. They also have integrated stands for safe, upright, hands-free operation. All FURNO models have adjustable temperatures and air flow settings, plus a soft grip and a hanging loop for storage.

The FURNO 300 is designed for small projects and occasional use with two temperature settings of 750°F and 1,100°F, controlled by a slide switch. It retails for $24.99. Wagner’s FURNO 500 has an LED push-button display that shows temperature and fan settings at a glance. It can be adjusted to 12 heat settings ranging from 150°F to 1,200°F, and there are two fan settings for optimum heat control. Its cool-down mode safely reduces the temperature and prolongs the ceramic heat element’s life. The FURNO 500 comes with a flare nozzle and a glass protection nozzle as standard accessories and sells for $34.99.

With 117 temperature settings and five fan speeds, the FURNO 700 offers exact temperature control between 125°F to 1,300°F, reported on a digital LCD display. This heat gun has a memory function that allows you to save the last temperature and fan setting used, plus the safety cool-down mode, and both flare and glass protection nozzles. It’s priced at $59.99. Or, for the ultimate heat gun kit, the FURNO 750 is suitable for both frequent use and specialist projects. It has all of the same features and benefits of the FURNO 700, as well as added extras that include a curved deflector nozzle and a concentrator nozzle, a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and a carry case. The FURNO 750 retails for $69.99.

You can find Wagner’s four new FURNO heat guns at Home Depot stores now and homedepot.com. They will be available at Menards® stores next month, and eventually at Lowe’s® stores beginning in January 2017. To watch a video overview of the FURNO 750, click here.


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