Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil

Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil

Woodworkers concerned about the safety of finishes they apply to cutting boards, charcuterie boards and other projects that come in direct contact with food can rest easy with Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil. Belying its rather cheeky name, it contains no essences of long-tusked Arctic mammals. Instead, it’s a handcrafted proprietary blend of products you’ve heard of before: coconut oil, mineral oil, vitamin E and beeswax.

Made in the USA, it is FDA-approved for food contact surfaces such as cutting boards, butcher blocks and wooden countertops, does not solidify under normal conditions, is highly shelf-stable and has virtually no scent.

Bottle of Walrus Oil cutting board finish

This wood finish goes on smooth — not too thick and not too thin — and it won’t impart a strange taste to food. It will leave your cutting board with a silky smooth finish, rich color and a little shine while it helps protect the wood from food stains and keeps it looking new. Rub on two coats for even more depth and color.

Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil is available in an 8 oz squeeze bottle from Rockler. Or you can purchase quart-sized or even larger containers directly from the manufacturer by visiting walrusoil.com.

Cannister of Walrus Oil Wood Wax

Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil is just one option among a growing family of wood care products. A denser formulation — Wood Wax For Cutting Boards also available from Rockler — is made of the same ingredients as the oil but comes in a 3 oz tin. Apply it as you would other furniture or car waxes, let the wax dry for 15 minutes and buff it with a rag. It can be used over Cutting Board Oil for added protection or applied as a stand-alone wood preservative.

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