We Caused Some Buzz

Rob PortraitThe July/August issue of our print magazine is out and causing a bit of a stir. For those of you who don’t get the print magazine (heaven forbid!), our cover story is about a beehive that you can build and then host in your own backyard. (Check your local regulations.) When we came up with the idea, I was really excited about it — and when we found a great partner, backyardhive.com, I became even more jazzed. But what has really made me happy is how many of our readers are already building their own hives — the project turned out to be a big hit!

There are some important reasons to support pollinators in our world (they are in trouble), so for that reason I am happy that this project may be helping out just a bit. If you are not a subscriber to the magazine, but want to check out the beehive article, you can get a copy of the magazine here.

The beehive can be built out of any wood you choose, except cedar; we used fir. It is a totally sweet project … in so many ways.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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