Weather or Not

Rob-Portrait351Last week, those of us here on the tundra were treated to temperatures as high as 50 degrees Fahrenheit – for several days in a row. I saw fellow Minnesotans wearing shorts under their parkas, and my black and white spotted pointer became mostly brown from the mud puddles that she joyfully played in. Smiles were everywhere, and you could almost hear the collective snap, crackle and pop of winter-jaws unclenching and permanently hunched shoulders relaxing.

But this morning I awoke to another 15 inches of snow, and more is predicted. It’s no big deal. Here in Minnesota, we are used to having our hopes dashed and metaphorical rugs pulled from beneath our feet. (We are Vikings fans, after all.) Some of us sadly turn to self-destructive ways of dealing with our disappointment: sullen withdrawal, alcohol … American Idol.

But those of us with woodshops can once again turn our pain into projects. Personally, I was just asked to build a large rolling planter for a friend’s patio. And somehow, the irony of dusting off the snow in my shop as I plan a planter brings a smile to my face … or at least it will, as soon as my face thaws out.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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