Web Surfer’s Review: Your Forum Finder

The recent demise of Badger Pond has sent ripples throughout the online woodworker community. The Pond was always an interesting place and many of us found both guidance and friendship there. Sure, the Pond’s rules could be a bit arbitrary at times — some considered it a badge of honor to have posts deleted or even to be banned from the Pond — but it built a community grounded in humor, civility and good, sound advice! Its passing will be missed.

So what will become of all the orphan Ponders and their collected wisdom? Fear not. Hardly skipping a beat, many have followed the Pond’s archives over to a new home at Woodcentral.com where Ellis Walentine has obliged in adding a Hand Tools forum for all homeless self-described Neanderthals out there. And all are adding new blood to whatever forum — new and old — they now call home. The online community is alive and well. And that reminds us just how amazing the forums really are. The sheer breadth and depth of information and advice shared can be almost overwhelming. That’s why our Web Surfers’ Review makes the rounds and provides a handy synopsis of some of the more interesting discussions.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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