2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

Looking Back?

As is common for ink-stained wretches (or, in this case, ether-stained) like me at this time of the year, the drive to provide a retrospective of what we went through in the previous year is a powerful urge. 2018 was personally a great year for me — new grandchildren, good health and adventures with family and friends for which I am grateful.

But when it comes to the world of woodworking, my preference is looking forward. New power carving and woodturning projects are on my horizon. I am seeing young people “making” things in new and creative ways. And I am looking forward to more communications with you, our Woodworker’s Journal Weekly readers. I am thankful for your support, and can tell you that we have a couple of new surprises coming your way soon.

So goodbye 2018 … you have been a boon companion. And hello my new friend, 2019 — adventure awaits us!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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