Issue 120

Issue 120

Oops, I Sent It Again!

Rob-Portrait351Irony can be a bittersweet experience. Last issue I extended a call for shop goof-up stories. (You will see a compilation of the best and goofiest next eZine.) And, while that message did indeed finally get to the eZine faithful, it was not until after we had a goof-up of our own. (And, indeed, many of you noticed and were confused.) In an error much easier to commit on the web than in a print magazine, we sent out the wrong issue of the eZine. (We were supposed to send out the e-mail for Issue 119 … we sent out the e-mail for Issue 118. Yup, the one that you had received just two weeks earlier.) This led to what could generously be called “madcap hilarity” or could, more accurately, be named “annoying confusion.” Anyway, there was a bunch of hubbub around the issue, the free plans, etc. We did then send the correct eZine e-mail, but the damage was done.

I am sorry for the goof-up: please accept my apology. And the irony of the fact that I had written an editorial about making mistakes is not lost on me. (Nor, apparently, on my staff … who seemed to enjoy pointing it out. Hmm.)

All in all, humbling experiences are good for the soul (and, yes, editors do have them). I am crossing my fingers that this eZine goes out with less excitement!


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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