Issue 147

Issue 147

Back in the Groove

Rob-Portrait351By now, most of you will know that our last eZine was our annual April Fool’s issue. Chock-full of sophomoric (or perhaps pre-sophomoric) humor, it engendered tons of observations from you: our eZine faithful. To those who were offended, I am sorry – it was certainly not our intent. To those of you who enjoyed it, thank you for your compliments and your own somewhat eccentric feedback. (See the readers response page for a sampling of how fellow readers felt about the our annual April epic.) It is almost embarrassing how gleeful we all get doing this issue each year. It just must prove a saying that my mom is fond of: “men are just boys grown tall.” I don’t know where that leaves Joanna Takes (our model for the carved self-portrait “Free Plan”); she is likely a victim of hanging out with bad influences.

With that said, we are back to our regular brand of foolishness. We have real free plans, tool previews and the lot. I thank you for your indulgence and warn you that next April, we may not be able to contain ourselves again.


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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    What a Lot of Fun is April Fool

    As you certainly know by now, issue 146 was our annual April Fool’s Day issue and was, as always, completely fictitious and absurd, right down to the fake URLs supplied for the nonexistent companies.

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