Issue 162

Issue 162

Thanks All Around

Rob-Portrait351It is the season when many of us look back at the year behind us and find much to be thankful about.  It is true for me.
When I consider the grace and the good fortune I have experienced, it is more than a bit humbling. And while the top of my “why I am thankful” list features my family and others that I love, it is not limited in any regard.

It is in that spirit that I would like to offer thanks to my eZine coworkers Michael Dresdner and Joanna Takes. While I am positive that these two names are known to the entire eZine family, you may not be aware how important they are in creating this e-magazine every two weeks. They are in fact the warp and woof of which this eZine is woven. (I won’t say which one is the warp or who is the woof …)  Michael creates the lion’s share of the copy, does the interviews and manages the question and answer process and more. Joanna edits all the copy, creates or gathers the images, selects the free plans, writes tool preview articles and more. On top of all that, they are a great team and are fun to work with, very professional and talented, and not just a little quirky (a must if you work for me).

Now I can see a few of you scratching your heads and thinking, “So, Rob … what exactly do you do?”  That is such a great question, but it would really take much too long to explain. (Think Will Ferrell in his Saturday Night Live cheerleader costume.)

Lastly, I also want to thank you … our eZine readership. Without you and your support, the eZine would not exist. (And I would likely be back in a cabinet shop – actually working for a living.) There are more than 277,000 of you who get this eZine every two weeks, and I am grateful and very thankful for your continued interest and feedback.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday, and don’t forget to make some sawdust.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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