Issue 169

Issue 169

Putting Daylight in the Bank

Rob-Portrait351I am so relieved … we are back to saving daylight.  With the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, we have now apparently gone back to being more frugal with those valuable photons that the sun so generously distributes. (The implication is, of course, that we have been wastefully profligate with sunshine since last October — hmm.) My question to you, fellow woodworkers, is what are you going to do with your “extra” hours of sunlight?  How will you go about “saving” them? I for one, will simply open my garage doors while I am building a project … this of course has more to do with the rising temperature than Daylight Savings Time … but you get my point. In any case, I hope that most of you were not surprised by the sneaky new time for implementing Daylight Savings Time … I’m hoping I was not! (The folks at church looking around and saying, “Hey, wasn’t Rob supposed to help out with that? Where do you think he is?”)

On another, unrelated, topic, I apparently struck a nerve with my last editorial. When I asked about green woodworking and your environmental choices for selecting wood – you folks really had some stuff to say. Check out our reader’s response page for a collection of your thoughts on that subject and others.

-Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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    The Green Wood Controversy

    Rob sparked a huge response from our readers by asking “Do you take the time to consider the environment when you are shopping for wood, and do you think it makes a difference?”