Issue 180

Issue 180

A New Look with an Old Friend

Rob PortraitSo how do you like my new digs? After what is the Internet equivalent of about a thousand years, we have spruced up the eZine a bit. We have added new groovy graphics and a couple of new departments (What’s In Store Online and a Staff page – so you can learn about your eZine writers). There is also a mysterious “Premium” button on our navigation bar, but I can’t give you any information about that for two more weeks. (Stay tuned, sports fans!) We have also moved the previously named “Reader’s Response” to the nav-bar and changed the name to Feedback, which is what it is. We changed the Toolmaker Insider name to Industry Interview for the same reason. I think you will find that we have included all the benefits of the “old” eZine, added a couple of new things to read – and made it look more up-to-date. And with that said, the improvements are not done yet. So tell your friends and neighbors to stop by and check things out.

I am really happy that our upgraded eZine has launched with Delta as its sponsor. Delta was one of the early supporters of the eZine, lo those many years ago, and has stayed with us through thick and thin. It is doubly appropriate that they are sponsoring this issue, because Delta/Porter-Cable is going through a very similar process as the eZine, which you can read about in the Industry Interview with Chuck Hardin.

At this point, considering all these changes and the eZine’s longevity, I want to pause and say thanks to all the eZine faithful, many of you who have been with us as long as Delta, and say thanks for your support. You are the reason we are here, and we greatly appreciate it.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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