Issue 201

Issue 201

Double Digital Event!

Rob-Portrait351As a member of the eZine faithful, I like to give you a heads-up when we at Woodworker’s Journal are about to undertake a cool new web-based adventure.  In about a week, we will launch our very first all-digital version of our print magazine. (I will send you a special e-mail announcing it and linking you to the pages.) Our July/August issue will be available online — every page, just as you see it in the print magazine — in a super-easy-to-use format. The only significant way that it will be different from the actual print magazine is that all the web links will be live, so you can click immediately to any hot link that sparks your interest, and there will be video as well. (How cool is that?) Because this is our kick-off digitalized issue, and because it is a novel format, we have decided to offer it free to all woodworkers who are subscribers to the eZine.

Yup, I said FREE!

Future issues will be available for a very reasonable subscription fee (details on that to come), but like a lot of things that spark intense desire (illegal drugs, woodworking tools …), the first one is free. Which brings me to something you can do today to share this opportunity with your woodworking buddies. If you know someone who would be interested in checking out our July/August issue (which would cost them $5.99 on the newsstand), just send them to this link: Link Expired. It will cost them (and you!) nothing, but will give them the chance to share in this seminal woodworking web event.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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