Issue 218

Issue 218

Winding Down the Winter

Rob-Portrait351For those of you in warmer climes, this may be a bit hard to think about: as I write this missive, a nasty winter storm is bearing down on my small corner of the world. We have been flirting with 40-degree days around here for a little while, so the impending snowstorm feels like it is adding insult to injury. Last month it would have been “ho-hum, more snow. . .” but now it feels like winter is holding on and just won’t let go.

But the great thing for woodworkers (especially those with heated shops like me!) is that I can cocoon in my sawdust surrounds, and the snow will have no power over me. Why worry? You can’t fight the weather.

It’s March in Minnesota, and we might have five more of these late blizzards. I’ll just fire up the table saw and wait for April. And if spring arrives and I have a more pasty white pallor than usual, it will just mean that I have been that much more productive. So come on, let the winter winds blow. If you need me, you can find me in my shop!

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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