Issue 22

Issue 22

Big Projects, Huh?

Well, little did I know that a query about your biggest woodworking projects would bring such a huge response. E-mailed tales and descriptions of humongous pieces of every sort; many starting with: “I thought it would be a good idea to have…” or, “A friend once asked me to build…”.

Sometimes your project’s inspiration was utilitarian, as with the fellow who built a camping box to bolt to his Volkswagen Bug. But apparently, we all have built them, and regardless of how they turned out, we’re secretly more than a bit impressed with our ability to have constructed something of vast scope and significant mass. Often the e-missives reported exact weights of these steriod enhanced wooden wonders: “all told, I reckon the entertainment center weighed in at 787 pounds and actually required the entire Springfield Junior High football team to carry it up my mother’s stairs!”

Thanks for your e-mail. I do read every one, although I can’t respond to each note. As I promised, I’ve written about a large project from my past (which included police involvement) and I’ve also attached a few of your notes on building big to boot. Read on and enjoy.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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