Issue 233

Issue 233

They Really Like Me! (And my gift certificates!)

Rob-Portrait351Last issue we rolled out a brand-new contest — the Apple Polishing Contest — in which eZine readers were encouraged (by a trio of Rockler Gift Certificates) to offer compliments to the eZine and yours truly. I am only slightly embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed this little exercise. You will find the first-place winner immediately below and some of the best of the remaining bunch in the Feedback section of the eZine. Oh, to bask in feigned adulation!

But if you did not win this contest, you are still in luck — because I have a new one to announce! It is the Write a Woodworker’s Journal T-shirt Slogan Contest

Yes, many publications would hire a top-flight team of ad executive types to perform this sort of important effort. But, in today’s vernacular, that’s just not how we roll! So it is up to you eZine faithful. The three best entries will again win a $25 gift certificate. But this time, you will also get the benefit of seeing your slogan gracing the front of T-shirt wearing woodworkers all across America. Once again, send your slogans to and may the best entry win!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

And the winner is:

Hey Rob,

As a new and insatiable woodworker, I consume as much online woodworking content as possible. The WWJ eZine helps satisfy both my penchant for humorous prose and constant need for useful free stuff. I enjoy your style of corny, yet hilarious, insights into the woodworking world. The typo corner, the April Fool’s edition and Today’s Woodworker keep me stalking my inbox for the next issue. Thanks for all the hard work and the laughs. Keep up the phenomenal work and please send my gift card to…


Shawn Nichols

P.S. I was recently traveling with my wife and had a layover at the Minneapolis airport. She commented that “Rob Johnstone is Dreamy” was scrawled all over the ladies restroom. Care to comment?

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    Feelin’ Fine and “Phat”

    As most of you know, in Rob’s editorial last time out, we promised prizes to people who said good things about the eZine, as judged by our crack team of judges, consisting of…Rob Johnstone.

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