Issue 248

Issue 248

Hardware Heaven

Rob-Portrait351As I type this, I am just hours away from flying to Las Vegas, Nevada to check out the National Hardware Show. I must confess that I get excited about this sort of event. There is so much activity, people moving about, vendors selling their wares and, of course, the latest and coolest hardware and tools.

Often, I try to act cool when I am on the floor — the sophisticated editor critically evaluating potentially breakthrough products. But other times, I revert back to being a kid in the Glen Lake hardware store of my youth. It was an old-fashioned place with hardwood floors, high pressed-tin ceilings and bins stacked up the walls. The store seemed to be in danger of bursting through its walls because it appeared to me to hold every interesting thing a young guy might need. (Who couldn’t use a wheel-puller?) I would follow my dad around the aisles as he and the proprietor found just the right widget to make the day go well.

And perhaps that will happen to me as I stroll the convention halls in Las Vegas. Maybe I will find just the right widget to make the day go well.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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    Advice for an Eagle Scout Project

    One of our Q&A’s in the last issue came from a Boy Scout asking for advice on his Eagle Scout project, an outdoor bulletin board and message center. He wondered if eZine readers had some advice. You did.

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