Issue 297

Issue 297

Heating Up in the Shop

Rob-Portrait351Last Sunday, it was as warm here in Minnesota as is the average high temperature for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on March 18th. There are green things growing in my yard right now that should have a couple of feet of snow covering them. I might need to break out the lawn mower two months early! It’s just weird.

But it does bring a question to my mind. Here on the tundra, if you don’t have a heated shop, woodworking slows down quite a bit in the winter. But in places like Texas and Arizona — I’ve heard that the opposite is true. If your shop does not have air conditioning, woodworking is relegated to waiting for a cold front to come through.

The question that comes to my mind is this: how do you sun-belt woodworkers deal with the advent of summer? What are your coping strategies for 100-plus degree days? Do you work all night and sleep all day?

If you’ve got a trick or tactic that you’d like to share, send me an email. As always, you’ll find a selection of the missives in the Feedback department.

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