Issue 301

Issue 301

Saved by My Lathe

Rob-Portrait351Some folks seem to think that the winter holiday season is the hardest on their budget. Not so with me — it’s the graduation/wedding season that makes my wallet look as bare as last year’s Christmas tree. Now, let me cushion that mean-sounding statement with this: few things make me happier than young people moving successfully and hopefully forward with their lives. (But why does it have to be so expensive?) I was cogitating on this very subject a short while ago when I was suddenly struck by an epiphany (don’t worry, it only hurt for a minute).

In a nutshell, my thinking came to this: I love to turn small projects, people love to get one of a kind personal gifts, and I can get lots of turning wood for next to nothing. It’s truly sweet and simple. So this week I am putting my new program to work with a couple of large salad bowls for two different sets of newlyweds. I love them dearly, and it is my hope that they will love the gifts.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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