Issue 329

Issue 329

Pushing Your Limits

Rob-Portrait351Last time out, I asked all of you which woodworking style rang your bell, and it did not take long before my email bell was chiming away. As usual, you were free with your opinions: you can peruse a sampling on the Feedback page. While the variety of answers is no surprise, it is inspiring. Woodworkers share a fondness for woodworking, but we are not a monolithic group and our taste is as varied as our skill levels. This surfaced a few times in answers that followed this kind of theme: “I like Victorian, but I build Mission furniture, because its joinery fits my abilities.”

Alas, we all grapple with our limitations. Even so, I would encourage any woodworker to push those boundaries. They are not set in stone, and you may surprise yourself. After all, it is only woodworking!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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