Issue 34

Issue 34

Woodworking: Part of the Cure?

How important is woodworking really, when world events move in such momentous and life changing ways? Questioning the essential elements of our lives is a reasonable thing to do in the face of these difficult times. Many people I’ve talked to, and whose comments I’ve read posted on the web, indicate that while they have been distracted and dismayed by the national tragedy we’ve experienced, woodworking has been a useful tool to bring them comfort in these unsettling times.

That makes perfect sense to me. At its root, woodworking is a process of bringing order out of chaos. So while making a bookcase, birdhouse or breadboard may not be earthshaking in and of itself, it may be a calm escape at the center of your day. From that perspective, woodworking may be just what the doctor ordered. I encourage you to go to the shop and make something: for profit, for pleasure or for peace of mind.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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