Issue 387

Issue 387

A Hot Show Featuring Cool New Tools

Rob PortraitThis week, I’m heading to Vegas. Now, I’m not much (or really, at all) of a gambler, and you may be wondering what else could tempt me to head to desert heat in the middle of July. Well, this week those neon lights kind of act like homing beacons for those with an interest in woodworking: it’s the site of the biannual AWFS® trade show.

Those letters stand for Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers. Even though it will be hot outside, my staff and I will be touring lots of cool booths with new developments in woodworking tools. You can check it out, too, via our special AWFS 2015 blog, which you’ll find here. Check back late Wednesday, for our reports on the first day of the show, and keep returning to our AWFS blog for our videos showing off the cool new tools we’ll be seeing in that hot town!

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