Issue 391

Issue 391

Dog Days … Project?

Rob-Portrait351It is August, and even in Minnesota, it is a bit steamy outside. And while I actually do all I can to enjoy the warm weather (hey, in a couple of months we’ll be breaking out the toboggans), my dog seems to be less enthusiastic about the heat. Or is it the humidity?

Pets seem to be more popular than ever these days, which brings me to the question of the week: do you make woodworking projects for your furry friends? A while ago we featured a sweet doggie bed in the print magazine (August of 2014), and people loved it. So, have you fashioned a Kitty Condo, built a domicile for your dog, or a perch for your parrot? If you have, let us know (a picture would be great), and we will share what we can.

Now I just need to finish my sun shelter for my English Setter, Leeroy. He needs a place to lounge when he is done in his swimming pool.

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