Issue 398

Issue 398

Hurricane of Woodworkers

Rob-Portrait351Last Saturday, near Orlando (Altamonte Springs, Florida, to be exact), Rockler Woodworking and Hardware opened a brand-new store (its first in many years). And by all accounts it was a really fun and successful event. Over 400 woodworkers were there for the traditional “board cutting ceremony,” and that was just the start of the day!

Included in the big event was our intrepid editor Chris Marshall. He was there to demonstrate some woodworking techniques and also show off a project from our upcoming November/December print issue. Chris had to battle Hurricane Joaquin driving both to and from the opening — thankfully he did not need to employ his water wings or his hip boots to survive. Chris said that he had a great time talking to so many woodworkers … and that it was encouraging to be among so many like-minded folks.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. Yours truly will be at the opening of Rockler’s new store near Sacramento, California. I will be in Rocklin, CA on October 17th, so stop by if you are in the area.

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