Issue 479

Issue 479

Hardware Show Showdown!

Rob PortraitLast week, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the National Hardware Show. As long-time readers know, I am something of a geek when it comes to looking at new tools and finding groovy new products. Every year at shows like this, I see products that result in a face-palm and a “why didn’t I think of that!” Sometimes it is big companies that come up with ideas, and sometimes it is a mom-and-pop company. And, to be honest, those are the sorts of companies that I root for the most.

So here is my one mom-and-pop company recommendation from the NHS (they are too small to advertise and I just want to give them a shout-out). The product is Add-a-Handle, and I am guessing you know what the product does already. Check them out, but be warned, your face may be in danger from your palm.

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