Issue 511

Issue 511

New Year, New Woodworking Skills?

Here it is, the second week of January. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming? According to one study, the most popular resolutions this year (eat better, exercise more) have to do with improving your health. “Learn a new skill” comes in fifth on the list.

I’d almost be willing to bet* that “learning a new skill” would come in much higher among woodworkers. Maybe you want to up your finishing game this year, learn to turn, or try steam bending for the first time. Or maybe there’s something else on your woodworking agenda.

How about it? What woodworking skill do you want to learn (or improve) in 2018? Let us know – just click on my name below for an email link – and maybe we’ll be able to compile a “woodworker’s list of New Year’s resolutions.”

*(That is, if I were a betting woman. Which I’m not: my incredibly poor standing in the in-office pool for the Vikings’ season gives me compelling evidence for why I should stay away from actual wagers.)

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