Issue 523

Issue 523

In the Groove

As all of us woodworkers know there are often many ways to achieve a specific goal. Miter joints, for example. They can be cut by hand, on a table saw, miter saw (electric-powered or hand-powered), with a miter bit in a router table … you get the drift.

With that said, all of us tend to zero in on our favorite way to do something. So here is my question: Box joints … how do you cut them?

I have my preference; in general I like to make my own jig and form them using my table saw. Friends of mine think I am working entirely too hard, as there are box jigs ready for purchase from many different companies … including some advertising on this page!

But still, my curiosity is high, so I am looking to you all to educate me once again.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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