Issue 692

Issue 692

Dog Days

Years ago, I had no idea what the “dog days” of summer actually meant. I surmised that perhaps in early America, our rural ancestors noticed that it got so hot that their dogs just laid in the shade panting, rather than doing anything useful (like herding sheep or chasing off predators). I have since learned that the ancient Romans and Greeks coined the term when Sirius, the dog star, appears to rise with the sun. That occurs in late July and early August in the Northern Hemisphere, when of course, it’s generally also hot.

These musings came to mind as I was building an addition to the doggie condo in my garage last Saturday (there is a new pooch coming in mid-August). I was hot, and so was my dog Leeroy who was laying around panting and not helping at all.

Even so, those of us who live much farther north than the ancient Greeks and Romans have learned to appreciate the warm weather, because in a few short months it will be but a faint memory.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Slatted Cherry Shelf

Two slatted cherry shelves with blind floating hardware

If you’re a fan of floating shelves but not the “slab wood” variety, here’s a visually lighter, cross-lapped alternative that’s fun to build.

Save Those Chisel Caps

Using plastic cap to aid mortising chisel installation

Keep your mortising chisel tips safe with this simple trick that won’t break your bank or your fingers.

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Cutting slots with a router

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