Issue 708

Issue 708

Time to Be Thankful

Along with this Thursday being my favorite food holiday, it gives me pause to be thankful for so many things. My family, my faith, this country that we live in — all of which, curiously, are works in progress.

While I know that we should take time to be thankful every day, Thanksgiving does help us focus and give it thought. Regularly when asked how I am doing, I reply, “Better than I deserve.” It is a way of reminding myself of the good fortune that has come my way.

And I am thankful to you, Weekly readers! My whole staff and I are aware that we have these great jobs because of your interest in all things woodworking.

Here’s another group of folks I’d like to thank — our advertisers. You are part of our success, and I appreciate that. Readers, please consider the advertisers you see here when you are holiday shopping or making your wish lists. They are the third leg of our three-legged stool. Without them, everything gets out of balance.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Windsor Stool Drilling and Construction

Ernie Conover demonstrates how to drill holes to install legs and stretchers for this Windsor stool project, then goes over the full assembly of his stool.

Project: Pizza Cutter

Turned pizza cutter handle

For many of us, the holidays mean food – and lots of it! Why not make a fun, related gift for the pizza lovers in your life: a handy pizza cutter with a turned handle for a personal touch.

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