Issue 735

Issue 735

Notes from the Far North

As I write this missive, I am kicking back at a resort in northern Minnesota. Yesterday was one of the best fishing days I’ve ever had (caught my limit of really big crappies), but the evening was topped off by a nasty thunderstorm that has knocked out power to the area. So today, I am letting the blustery weather blow itself off and talking with my buddies of 20-some years. We are telling the same stories we have offered every year. We all know when to laugh or be amazed. It is a welcomed respite from a world in which the stories are not predictable and the chances to laugh all too rare.

Rob Johnstone displaying caught fish

Thursday I will be back in the real world, but until then I will eat fresh fried fish and listen to the wind as it blows the clouds away.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Honing Woodturning Gouges

Ernie Conover explains why you should keep your turning tools buffed and polished, and explains the process for honing your woodturning gouges.

Josh Stotler: A New “Eagle” Has Landed

Josh Stotler showing off base of Apollo guitar

Luthier Josh Stotler builds commemorative NASA guitars based on Apollo space program.

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