Issue 742

Issue 742

Hot Stuff

Yesterday, in the land of the frozen North, or as the McKensie Brothers would have it, the “Great White North,” it got to 100 degrees outside. Please understand that I am not making a political or societal comment here. I am just saying that 100 degrees is just wrong. Very wrong!

A friend of mine who hails from Houston, Texas, said to me once, “The cold up here is like the summer back home. Here you scurry from your warm car to a warm house, and if you get caught outside long enough, it just might kill you. In Texas, it is just the reverse.”

I can live with the winter car-to-home scurry. But adding the summer version is simply a bridge too far. So if you’d like to find me, I’ll be in my dark, air-conditioned basement. My dogs and I will be shunning the light of day until the hot spell is over. This life is indeed sad and cruel!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Why Use an MDF Workbench Top?

Chris Marshall discusses his hybrid workbench and some of the features that he’s included. He speaks in-depth about the MDF workbench top, why he included it and what benefits having an MDF worksurface could bring to your workshop.

Stewart Coffin: Paddle-maker Turned Puzzle-maker

Stewart Coffin in woodworking shop

Lifelong woodworker Stewart Coffin recounts a half century of interconnected geometry.

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